Blockchain Cuties Wiki

What are Cuties?

The main in-game "resource" is Cuties. Everything is centered around Cuties - they are the ones you breed, grow, send to adventures, send into raids, buy, sell, and trade. Every Cutie can gain experience, level up and use items, including those items that can improve its cooldowns and even their genes. All important Cutie attributes are stored on the blockchain as compactly as possible, holding the cost of transaction in mind.

Cuties are split into three groups: Regular Cuties, Tribute Cuties and Unique Cuties

All of the Cuties are built on the same principals and use the same Genome Model.

The majority of the Cutieland population are regular Cuties that come in many shapes and forms. There are 8 Cutie Pet Types.

Any Cutie can become a Nobility as well!