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What is Blockchain Cuties?

Blockchain Cuties is a game that takes place in Cutieland, a world that mirrors Earth in many ways, but evolves differently, according to its own rules. It’s a world of adventure that is populated by mysterious little creatures called Cuties. It’s a place of many epochs and timelines blended together into a unique and vivid setting – a land waiting to be explored!

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Blockchain Cuties utilizes assets from blockchains to be played. Each Cutie is an NFT that resides on the blockchain and is 100% yours. Meaning, you have full control of the asset. You can sell it, breed more Cuties with it, trade it with a friend for another Cutie.

What is a Blockchain game / Crypto game?

Most importantly, that means that the game is run on blockchain technology. Therefore the game assets retain value outside of the game and can be used as the player wants. Selling it, trading it or use it in any other way they see fit.

The most important value of a Blockchain game is that the players have 100% control of their assets and they can do whatever they please with them in and outside the game. In the more established gaming industry, the assets belong to the game itself and you as a player can not do anything with these assets outside of the game. With blockchain you can do that.

Another big positive is that there is no “black market” as there are in usual MMO and RPG games, where people sometimes even get banned for selling an item they have found for real money. Blockchain allows the players to trade transparently inside and outside of the games. There are even specialized marketplaces that connect many games together so that players can shop without the need of going through many websites, they can use just the one to buy and list for sale their assets.

That all is possible thanks to smart contracts. A smart contract is a computer protocol intended to digitally facilitate, verify, or enforce the negotiation or performance of a contract. Smart contracts allow the performance of credible transactions without third parties.

In BCU they are utilized for breeding, Selling/Buying Cuties and Items and much more. For all in-game transactions on the blockchain within the game the BCU team is getting 4% of the transaction cost. Meaning that when the calculation for the transaction is complete (pay amount + transaction fee), 4% of that transaction cost gets added to the transaction as well.   

If you are curious and want to know more about how contracts work, here is an extensive article about what is a blockchain smart contract and how it can be utilized.

Our Values

  • True Ownership

Every single Cutie you own in the game 100% belongs to you and you can trade or transfer it to anyone anytime you like.

  • Diversity

Everyone has different tastes and loves different creatures! You don't have to play with cats-only – we have the most diverse pet choice. Ever!

  • Opportunities to Improve

All assets are useful, every Cutie can gain experience, level up and use different items that are able to improve the pet's stats and perform better.

  • Cost Efficiency

All important Сutie stats are stored in blockchain as compactly as possible holding the cost of transaction in mind. Some features are even stored off-chain. We don't want our players to overpay for things they don't have to. Like equipping gear, or leveling up, for example.

Playable Species

Play with a unique variety of species including: Cats, Dogs, Bears, Lizards, Foxes, Hedgehogs, Rabbits, and Pigs.

There are also a special types of Cuties: Owls, Aliens, Mythic, and Mutants.

New species are appearing all the time! Read about all the species on this page about Cutie Pet Types

Play it everywhere!

Blockchain Cuties internally developed wallet named "Private Key" allows you to play the game on ANY modern web browser out there. Enjoy a sleek gaming experience playing Blockchain Cuties using your favorite browser on any device! We even have support for Mobile Safari and Microsoft Edge!

Currently Supported Browsers list:

  • Browsers: Google Chrome, Mozzila, Firefox, Brave, Safari, Edge, Opera
  • Mobile: Chrome, Mobile Firefox, Mobile Brave, Mobile Safari, Mobile Opera, Generic Android Browser

Important note: Some browsers will have security measures and blockers set up by default. If you are experiencing issues logging in, try whitelisting in your browser settings. This often occurs on Brave and Mozzila Firefox.

Cute Wallet

Currently, this feature is temporarily disabled.

Together with our partners, we offer our players seamless experience of buying cryptocurrency directly to their in-game wallet using their credit card! It doesn't matter if you're not into crypto yet, Blockchain Cuties can help you get started! With the help of BEST RATE you can even exchange other ERC-20 tokens for ETH or EOS. We accept 80+ tokens and cryptocurrencies!

Weekly Updates

Blockchain Cuties is the most frequently updated game in the industry, both in terms of game updates and community spotlights! Game itself receives updates at least once per week while our news feed is active EVERY day!

There is no other game on the market that is more committed to constant perfecting than Blockchain Cuties!

Click here for Cuties Blog You can also check out our Road Map!

Millions of Combinations

Presence of various genes, colors and background combinations makes each descendant cutie one of a kind. You can even start a high-born bloodline if you're lucky. Besides gene pool, each Cutie differs by a variety of parameters: generation, breeding speed, adventuring frequency, animal species, level and available gear. Surprising breeding mutations can result in unique characters that are inspired by real-world pets-celebrities!

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