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Blockchain Cuties Wiki

Blockchain Cuties has a marketplace where players can put up their cuties for sale or purchase one to start breeding.

Marketplace Page


Above we can see 6 categories :

  • For Sale
  • For Siring
  • Generation 0
  • All
  • Unique
  • Items Market

Here we can buy all the player needs to get started, buy or sell Cuties, top up Elixirs, buy or sell items, browse other player's Cuties and even buy a Limited Edition Unique Cuties Cutie or special Tribute Tribute Cuties.

For Sale

In this section of the Marketplace we are able to buy Cuties.

The above row of Cuties are the "Featured" Cuties.


That means that the seller put up the Cutie on auction and pay an additional fee for the Cutie to be always above the Marketplace inventory of cuties to boost the visibility and potential for these Cuties to be purchased.

Below the "Featured" section is the full marketplace for the Blockchain Cuties platform - Everyone can sell or buy a Cutie and its absolutely player based, the prices are reliant on how rare the Cutie is and how much a player values the Cutie. The rarity is governed by generation, attributes, background and nobility.

Cutie Template.png

1 - Nobility mark

2 - Current price of the Cutie (in ETH)

3 - Cutie Name

4 - Cutie stats : Generation , Breeding cooldown, Adventure cooldown

5 - How many players liked the Cutie

6 - Background

To ease the searching there are also Filters!


Basic Click and go system will help you navigate and explore the market and find the Cutie you are looking for.

After you select a Cutie, you can review some additional information, like stats and it's Auction state.

Note: When the auction time is up, the player has to retrieve the cutie from the auction manually.


When a player puts a cutie on to the marketplace there are several things to consider - What should be the Starting price and what would be the Ending price. It can be any value a player decides on. From Cheaper to More expensive , to High price to Lower one or just set the same price on both endpoints of the auction timeline and set it at a solid price. It is all up to the players to set the value to their Cuties however they want.

If you are ready to buy a Cutie - just press "BUY NOW" and click "Ok, buy this Cutie" on the bottom of the page and follow through with the transaction and voila, You have a brand new Cutie!


For Siring

In this tab players can find cuties to sire with to develop a broader gene pool and add more variety to their cuties and possibly breed a Tribute cutie.

For a fee, set by the other players, players can breed with any cutie set up for auction and get a new Cutie!

Note: When the auction time is up, the player has to retrieve the cutie from the auction manually.

Same as For Sale tab , it has Filters and sorting tools to search for your preferred Cuties, but it does not have a "Featured" function.

Generation 0

It is a library of all generated Gen0 Cuties owned by players in the game right now. Including cuties for sale and for siring on the market.


It is a library of all Cuties that players own. The page is also equipped with Filters and sorting tools for specific searches for Cuties. This tab doesn't have a "Featured" section.


On this tab the players can find Unique Cuties of limited edition.

They offer a slight edge in PVP as they get +2 Power for being Unique and each Unique Cutie will have additional stat bonuses and/or abilities.

Items market

Here players can buy items for their Cuties - Gear, Potions and other Utility Items.

This tab is also governed by the community and the players decide the value of the items they want to sell to other players.