Raid Boss

Raid bosses are the stronger and more specific opponents that the whole Cutieneer community has to defeat in order to get prizes.

There are several versions of raid bosses.

Each boss has a different set of rules that apply to the Cuties that can participate.

Each boss has different prize pools as well.

There are currently 3 types of Raid Bosses:

  • V1 Raid boss (Alien Invader)
  • The Red Devil
  • Seasonal\Event Raid Boss

Raid bosses require for you to have Raid Energy available to participate in the raid.

The V1 and Red Devil raid bosses are on a different energy system from the Event Raid Boss

This energy for V1 and Red Devil can be found on the boss page, when you select a raid boss to fight in the Raid boss list and it looks like this:


There are 2 types of energy for these bosses:

  1. Free daily, regenerative energy (Green)
  2. Premium energy (Blue)

1. This energy can be claimed once every 24 hours by pressing the “Free Energy” button in the UI of the raid boss page

Free Energy.jpg

2. Premium energy is for purchase only and can be acquired by clicking on this button next to the “Free Energy” button:


You can get energy with various blockchain currencies.


Going into a raid is something one should consider very seriously. The cuties should be strong in order to beat the boss. Make sure you have your Raiding Cuties equipped with items that have the raid bonus. The bigger the raid bonus stat the cutie has, the better it would perform fighting the bosses.

Currently there are 3 types of bosses:

Raid boss v1

This is the first iteration of the Raid bosses in BCU.

Here is all you need to know about getting started with fighting that boss.

Raidboss V1 Breakdown.png
  1. Pet requirements : Level , Generation.
  2. Elements and pet types the Boss is Weak against and Strong against. Strong VS section shows you what element types the boss is good against and the pet type in that section can not participate in the current version of the raid. It is best to have a diverse army to tackle the boss every day.
  3. Time left to beat the boss. After the clock runs out, it resets.(This boss is on a 24 hour window)

This raid boss proved to be very difficult as it required the whole community to have an average win rate of 51%+, which means all of the players have to beat the boss more than half the time.  

When the timer counts down to 0, the raid boss will be considered as defeated or not, depending on the Win % .

The prize pool is simpler in the Alien Invader raid boss than in others, it grants only Cute Coins which are erc-20 tokens.

The Winning pool is nearly 4 times bigger amount of Cute Coins to be distributed, while the Losing pool is usually around 30 Coins to be distributed amongst all of the players who participated in the running Raid Boss.

The Red Devil raid boss.

The Red Devil boss has been the second iteration of the raid bosses in the game it uses some of the previous mechanics and it takes on a few new mechanics that haven’t been done in the game before.

The energy has to be manually claimed just like with the Alien Invader. Both are using the same energy pool, so choose wisely.

Before we go into more detail of the features for this raid boss, let’s look at what is understandable at a glance.

Raidboss V2 Breakdown.png
  1. The pet level requirement is still used. You will need a Gen0-2 Cutie which is at least a Level 5 or higher.
  2. The Strong and Weak segment works the same as it did in the Alien Invader.
  3. The timer is still here. Yet, it works a little bit differently. Each time the boss’ level is defeated it resets to 24hrs. If the level is not beaten, the boss resets to Level 1.
  4. The raid boss has levels. Each time a level is beaten. The boss grows stronger.

Let's talk a little more about the raid boss, when you get on to the page of the boss, itself.

Raidboss V2 Breakdown open.png
  1. Red Devil has an HP bar. Whenever a Cutie wins a battle it does damage according to the formula: Damage Done = 0.8 * (RAID SCORE SUM - PLAYER SCORE SUM) ^ 0.5 This means that when the Cutie does more damage than the Raid Boss that difference is applied to the formula above. When the Boss runs out of HP, the Players advance to the next level, and get prizes for the defeated level. The prizes received are in accordance with the leader board. The leader board is based on “Damage Dealt to the boss”.  If the players fail to defeat the boss, only the Loss Prize pool gets distributed - only Cute Coins.
  2. Time left to defeat the boss. If it runs out - boss resets to level 1.
  3. Boss’ level stats. If you click on the top right, or left, corner with Level 3 or Level 5 as per example, you can see the difference in boss’ strength. Every next level makes the boss stronger in stats and HP, but the prizes are also better with higher levels.
  4. Buttons to cycle through boss levels. You can see HP and Stats future bosses, as well as look through the leader boards to see the winners of the previous bosses.
  5. Current Boss level

Season / Event Boss

Seasonal and Event bosses are very similar to the Red Devil boss, but has no limitation on the level of the cutie, nor of the generation of the Cutie, that can participate in the raid.

There’s a few key differences in seasonal Raid bosses.

  1. The Seasonal raid boss doesn’t reset. It has to be beaten by the community. The Timer shows how much time has been spent on defeating the current raid boss.
  2. The energy used in this raid boss is not the same as the previous two. It also can be replenished with Energy Boss potions and the Max Energy cap can be upgraded through seasonal\event items.
  3. Unlike previous bosses, the energy regeneration is live, and a bar of energy is replenished every 2 hours*.
  4. *Additionally, the energy can be purchased on the raid page by clicking on “Get energy” button.
  5. There is no loss prize pool. If the boss is not defeated, it does not grant the players reward based on their leaderboard position.
  6. While the boss doesn't have levels, it comes back a little bit stronger after every defeat.
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