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Tournaments are a special side of the Cutieland. Here, the team started to test our the HP battle mechanics that are going to be transferred to the Adventures later on. This mechanic is aimed for more established players, and those who are always interested in the current meta of the game and are not afraid of grinding out some of the adventures or events to get the newest and coolest items in the game.

Tournaments are fully PVP and are up to 32 participants. The tournament will be canceled, if there is not enough players participating. There must be a minimum of 4 players to start a tournament.

When signing up a Cutie for the tournament, the Cutie picker will filter out Cuties that can not participate in the said tournament. Additionally, Cuties that have gear equipped on them that is beyond their level will not be able to participate in the tournament. Keep in mind, when a Cutie is signed up to a tournament, it will be "preparing" for the Tournament, and will not be able to perform multiple actions, and participate in any other tournaments until the tournament's end and 2 hours afterwards. Additionally, the items that are equipped on the Cutie will become locked in and not removable until the end of the tournament. So keep that in mind when gearing for a tournament!

Each tournament has it's own signup fee. Depending on the selected tournament these can be the following types of fees:

  1. Adventure potions
  2. Magic Dust
  3. Crypto Currencies

Additionally, the entry fees become higher, the higher the level is required from the participants. Higher levels equal higher stakes, meaning, a bigger spoils to the winner.

When tournament battle begins, the Cutie that attacks first is selected randomly in the current build. Each fight is a Best of One setting. This means that if you win the fight, you progress to the next stage in the grid. If you lose you are eliminated from the tournament. There is no losers bracket in the current tournament setting.

During seasons, the season pass holders will be able to participate in additional tournaments that are only available to them. These tournaments will be an additional source of special resources, or items for the current season. Plus, more chances to win money tournaments.