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Tribute Cuties, or simply - "Tributes", are derived from a similar realm as the "Fancy Cats" of CryptoKitties.

Currently, there are 74 Tribute Cutie genomes hidden in the game. Many of them have been found, but some still remain a secret!

There are multiple different Tributes and with such variety, there is quite a span of difficulty. From beginner level Tributes, like the Dalmatians, to a quite challenging Dilophosaurus.

Tribute Cuties are not tied to one specific pet type. There are many different Tributes for each of the pet type and the list is still being added to.

Below you can find a list of all of the Tributes currently in the game.


Boo-Boo Po Ted Umka
Boo-Boo.png Po.png Ted.png Umka.png
Not Found Found Found Found
Winnie Yogi
Winnie.png Yogi.png
Not Found


Gena The Chameleon Tangle Dilophosaurus
Found Not Found Not Found Not Found
Lizard Scientist Little King Druid Raptor Mr Blue
Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found


Foxin' Hood Fantastic Mr.Fox Maid Marian Juniper the Fox
Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found
Not Found


Little Pig Baby
Not Found Not Found


Lia Mia Sia
Not Found Not Found Not Found


Beethoven Boo Dalmation Doge
Dogola Eddie Hachio Husky
Jiff Lassie Manni Marnie
Otis RinTinTin Suspicious Tuna


Bob Found
Colonel Found
Cooper Found
Fatty Found
Godfather Found
Grumpy Found
Hamilton Found
Leopold Found
LilBub Found
LionKing Found
Luna Found
Maru Found
Nala Found
Nyan Found
Scarface Found
Shocked Found
Snoopy Found