Blockchain Cuties Wiki

In Blockchain Cuties Universe when playing on Tron Blockchain there are a few things one should know to effectively utilize it.

First and foremost, everyone needs to know what energy is and who it works

Information on what are the resources on Tron Blockchain can be found here, and all you need about freezing energy can be found in this article

The BCU Smart Contract normally covers a part of the transaction fee. If there is enough surplus energy left on the Contract, 100% of your fee will be covered by BCU. You can see the state of remaining surplus energy on the Contract here (28,110,264 daily energy on the moment of writing).

For reference, this is a table made on the current approximate maximal resource consumption of each different blockchain interaction that is possible within the game.

Resource consumption per TX in BCU
Tx Type Bandwidth Approx. Avg. Energy Cost Avg. Fee Energy Limit Fee Limit
Pet Gift 345 BW 29,500 4.15 TRX 75,000 10.5 TRX
Daily Lottery 279 BW 1,288 0.18 TRX 25,000 3.5 TRX
Elixir Usage 539 BW 41,914 5.87 TRX 100,000 14 TRX
Item Purchase 544 BW 41,806 5.85 TRX 100,000 14 TRX
Breeding 544 BW 206,000 28.84 TRX 300,000 42 TRX
Cutie sale listing 350 BW 108,603 15.2 TRX 180,000 25.2 TRX
Cutie sire listing 411 BW 109,985 15.4 TRX 150,000 21 TRX
Canceling Sale\Sire listing 313 BW 52,538 7.36 TRX 100,000 14 TRX
Cutie purchase 319 BW 90,000 12.6 TRX 120,000 16.8 TRX
Cutie Sire 350 BW 275,000 38.5 TRX 350,000 49 TRX
Fungible Token Send (Island) 25,000 3.5 TRX
Off-chain Deposit Wallet 25,000 3.5 TRX
Unique Cutie Purchase (Dev Sale) 500,000 70 TRX

Courtesy of Capronicus and Tehnfy.

Note: if a cutie that was not yet upgraded to erc721 participates in the transaction, the approximate energy cost and energy limit is increased by 150,000 energy for each cutie to be upgraded (up to extra 300,000 energy in case of breeding). Also note, that unlike other methods, "Pet Gift" does not automatically upgrade the cutie, so you need to make sure that cutie is erc721 compliant before gifting it - by, for example, feeding it an Elixir of Life or Potion of Fertility.

Avg. Fee is calculated via the simple formula: (Energy cost value)*(Price of Energy)

Fee Limit is calculated via the simple formula: (Energy Limit)*(Price of Energy). It is the maximum amount of energy that can be consumed by the transaction. Usually, the amount of energy that is used for a transaction is shown in Approx. Avg. Energy Cost column.